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Food Pairing

Food Pairing


Lots of juniper dominant notes, citrus fruits (bitter orange), long aftertaste with herbal notes. A simply stunning real blue gin.

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A burst of fresh citrus flavour, finely balanced with notes of juniper, liquorice, angelica and coriander seeds.

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Lovingly distilled and hand bottled at Bath distillery, located just a short walk from our Canary Gin Bar in the heart of Bath.

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The stunningly beautiful and unique bottle design pulls it’s inspiration from the mischievous character ‘Virginia Gin Austin’. The illustrative landscape show Virginia surrounded by her travels for seeking the best ingredients as well as a nod to her roots in the City of Bath.

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Bloom has selected exquisite floral flavours, with rose giving a distinctive scent from its oil when distilled, and jasmine for its beautifully fragrant aroma when the flower opens. Best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic water, and garnished with blackberries and mint.

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Our newest addition to the Boë family we have combined bittersweet orange zest with the festive spice of cinnamon to create a truly distinctive winter warmer.

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Juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon zest are left to macerate in a solution of water and alcohol for a long time; after that, double distillation takes place, clearing the liquid from possible unwanted hints and leading to an elegant distillate with a fine, clean bouquet.

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Punchy citrus up front gives way to malty sweetness, lasting juniper and an earthy, peppery finish.

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Exquisitely Engineered 6 O’clock Gin Brunel is an export strength expression of our classic London Dry gin.

12 in stock

Rich honey and mango flavours lead into notes of pink pepper, black pepper and cassia adding a warming spice. Plenty of fresh grapefruit peel lends the gin a subtle dryness while the honey and vanilla gives a sweet finish.

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This dry gin combines Macedonian juniper with local elderberries, samphire and gorse flowers

1 in stock

Like Sloe gin, our Damson is hand made in the traditional way; in small batches, using hand-picked British damsons and a moderate amount of sugar.

6 in stock

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