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Dr. Loosen Dr. Lo Riesling Alcohol-Free NV



DR. LO Riesling has just the right amount of fruitiness to balance the crisp acidity. On the palate it is clearly Riesling, but it walks the line between a fruity and drier style. The characteristic acidity of Mosel Riesling helps it finish fresh and clean. If shown blind it may not be recognised as alcohol-free.

Just because you are drinking something Alcohol-Free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or quality. That is basically what DR. LO Riesling is about, to show that an Alcohol-Free wine can also be amazing and versatile and uncompromising in quality. DR. LO is also about staying yourself because maybe you are with important clients at a dinner and everyone is drinking but you still have a deal to close or you have an early start the next day and friends just came by unexpectedly or you have lots of kids running around the house and a drive to the hospital (especially if you have boys!) is one fall away. There are lots of reasons, but none of them should include you drinking something sub-standard to what you normally drink when you do have a glass of wine.

To craft one of the finest alcohol-free Riesling wines you can find we gave it very careful thought from the beginning. Before the process of removing the alcohol began, we started with a vintage Mosel Riesling that was already LO in alcohol, had only the natural sweetness of the grape without any added sugar and had crisp acidity to give it balance. This base wine underwent a state-of-the-art alcohol removal process, but the great thing about DR. LO is that it already had LO alcohol to begin with so there was the natural sweetness of the grape that had not been fermented out, so instead of adding some grape must for sweetness back to the wine after the alcohol removal process, we already had the natural sweetness in the beginning.

Vinification of the base wine: Produced in 100 % stainless steel, during fermentation the tank was chilled to help stop the fermentation process early and preserve the natural sugar.
Alcohol-Removal process: Vacuum distillation.

Let’s say you go out to a party, but do not want to drink, or your the designated driver.   Or what about unwinding with a glass of wine in the evening, but you do not want alcohol each time, and you do not want to compromise on quality. Or what about just wanting to reduce your alcohol intake in general? DR. LO is perfect as the alcohol-free alternative for your guests, and don’t forget about pairing it with meals, especially with spicier or saltier dishes. Have it at a business lunch, after a round of golf, after the kids go to bed … the list goes on and on. Once you try this quality you may even forget you are drinking something alcohol-free.



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